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Astrology– Really Mom?

We are all on a Spiritual quest whether we know it or not. Some of us enjoy knowing we are on a quest and for some, it freaks us out and others are just oblivious for various reasons. We come into the world seeming to be such tabula rasa— a blank slate– but are we? Is there more to us as we take our first breath than we know or that those around us can see?

Astrology came into my life in my early 20’s. Being a Capricorn I found it amusing that my Mom would buy her Libra sunsign book every year and having it on the kitchen table she would read it occasionally to see what was happening for her and the other million Libras on the planet. As I joked around with her one day about it, she said, “I don’t know if I believe it but it’s fun and some of the details are right on. So have you studied this?” ( It was a serious question since I was/am always studying something)  _MG_8765

“No”, I said. “Come on  Mom how can this be true?”

At that time my Mom had a much stronger faith in the possibility that even if she did not understand something it could be valid. I respected that trait so when she said I should study the subject before I had such strong opinions, I took it to heart and had my chart read. WOW!!!

When Ed Kluska, a professional astrologer in Cincinnati did my chart it blew me away. This man who had never met me explained to me about my shy interior Capricorn nature being flanked by my fiery Leo rising and equally fiery moon in Sagittarius. One of the phrases I wrote down from this reading was “reluctant actor”.  At the time I was on an academic path to be a lawyer– and lawyers are described as the frustrated actors. There were so many things in that reading that rang true for me. But his explanation of my reserved inner nature and outward seeking personae and emotions made so much sense to me. It explained so much.

So I of course asked for a book list and did some research on my own. I wanted to start with some basic books to understand myself more. To know more about my sun sign I picked up Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I read everything she wrote and some other astrologers as well.

In 1987 I read what was her new book, Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. It talked about astrology and so much more. She weaved a tale of how to use many ancient tools to open new doors to self discovery. I felt she had a road map for my soul.  There is a much longer story to this, but basically after stalking her, Steve and I moved to Colorado and helped her with her final book, Gooberz and were her personal assistants.

I want you to know that I did not just blindly come to follow astrology.  Nor do I believe that everything in your life should be planned or scheduled by astrology. I know there are so many arguments out there about how bogus it is. Why are Vedic and Western astrology off by so many degrees making individuals different signs in one than the other? As my wise  first teacher said to me, “maybe you should study it.”

Seriously, astrology is one of the many tools at our disposal to help us sort out the journey of our Soul. We are so much more than these incredible bodies we inhabit. Our Authentic Self is ancient and connected to everyone else. But we also have individual stories. The Universe is experiencing itself through each one of us. It craves the experiences we are having and it celebrates as we peel away the layers of Maya that obscure our vision. No two charts are exactly alike. It is all based on when and where we take your first breath. As we breath in the Prana, the life force, for the fist time, our chart is cast and our story begins. The romantic novel about our love affair with our own True Nature and how it can all unfold is there in our chart. There is always free will. It is a roomy playpen, not a 2′ x 2′ prison cell.

There are many tools for self discovery– astrology is just one of many choices. If you are curious, take a look. See if this tool resonates with you. The map of your chart can underscore your gifts, your challenges, some past life and this life direction and it can be quite entertaining. Everything should have joy!

Steve and I are hosting a 3 hour workshop on Saturday January 18 from 3- 6pm at Shine Yoga Studies in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH. (  We would love for you to join us. We are going to cast your chart with your time and place of birth so that as we explain what you can learn from this incredible self-help tool, you will have your chart right in front of you. It will be very individual. It will be a great jumping off point for you to see ‘what’s in your stars’.

Beyond my own discoveries, I have seen so many “ah ha” moments on people’s faces as they hear their story told through the placement of the planets and luminaries. It also less mysterious once you dive in. The swiss psychologist, Carl Jung used astrology with his clients. He could see the archetypes contained in their charts.

We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.” – C.G.Jung

If you have questions about the workshop just drop us line at: Or check out this link for more information…    We would love for you to join us. What do you have to lose? Or maybe ask yourself—“What could I possibly gain?”




It’s Been Such a Long Time….


So sorry about our silence but Rob and I have been very busy creating and our new business as “Relaxation Specialist”!

One of the new items that we have created is another Blog on “Healthy Living”.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit our new web site please click on the link above and take a look.  While there, be sure to hit the ‘Healthy Living’ button on the page and read the two entries that we have already posted (the one just went up today).  There are fun videos attached to each entry.   Then, if you don’t want to miss anything that is yet to come – “Follow” us – just like you followed us on this Blog.

We promise to keep each entry interesting, fun and to the point.  Your feedback on any installment is greatly appreciated.

We trust that all is well with each of you.  And remember, if your lack of inner peace is stressing you out, call or email to schedule an appointment.  WE CAN HELP!

Peace and Love,


Steve and Rob

Something New

Hello lovely followers of our Blog about our adventures out west.  One part of this adventure has come to a close…studying in New Mexico, but this has lead us back to Kentucky where we are working on establishing ourselves as Massage Therapist.  Not that the entries on this venue have come to a close – oh no, they are still going strong, but we have another blog that we want you to follow!  That’s right, please visit, then click on the “Healthy Living” tab.  The first issue on this blog is about Meditation.  We will add entries once a month – the next one is a recipe for a delicious ‘Raw Apple Pie’.

So, please hit the Follow button on this new page so that each installment comes into your email account every month.  You don’t want to miss one drop of this information.

As always, Peace and Love to each of you!

Keep the good times rollin’.


Steve and Rob

A Video Goodbye to “Project New Mexico”


A Video Goodbye to “Project New Mexico”



The time has come….

Hello from Albuquerque!

Hard to believe that we have been gone from Cincinnati for almost seven months – we were told when we first started the program that the time would slip by quickly and for the most part it has.  In these last few days of our stay here we are both very reflective – not only on what has come to pass but what is yet on the horizon.  Turning the page and leaving our home here in the high desert will be difficult – we really have grown to love it here.  But, this is and has been only a stopping point on our paths.

School and the whole learning process has been more than i could have asked for.  I overcame many fears about school and have actually come out on top!  We both excelled in our studies and the hands on experiences in the student clinic cannot be matched anywhere.  During our weeks in clinic we were asked to keep (and turn in) a weekly journal.  It was a place to ask questions about certain events and really to just reflect on what happened, who you saw, what they needed, what you did and maybe how you could have done it differently.  Following is my last entry into that journal….

The road for the traveler is arduous,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              There will be peaks, with vistas Magnificent,                                                                                     There will be dark, deep valleys,                                                                                                                 For the most part, the plains will be vast and seemingly “normal”,                                                 As I move,along my road, I will meet other travelers.                                                                        Some will sit with me for a while; others for just a blink of an eye.                                                 And there will be many who will simply rush by without even a glance.                                  Along the road,                                                                                                                                                   We pick,                                                                                                                                                              We choose,                                                                                                                                                          We judge,                                                                                                                                                              We love,                                                                                                                                                                 We admire,                                                                                                                                                           We learn,                                                                                                                                                              We love some more,                                                                                                                                           We discriminate,                                                                                                                                               And if we are lucky, we will love some deeply and in turn we will be loved back!                            I have been very lucky!                                                                                                                                  Each moment is an opportunity,                                                                                                                What we do in these moments and how we perceive these opportunities lead us to                                  our next step.                                                                                                                                                                        The Next Step:                                                                                                                                                        I am nearing the benchmark of 145 hours in clinic – there is one more week of classes to go.  The pinnacle of this road is near!                                                                                                                   New Challenges;                                                                                                                                               New faces…..  The next moments are upon me,  What a great JOY this has been!                     Here I go!!!

My heart and my world have been expanded.                                                                                       The hurt I feel as these days come to a close, only mean that I have really loved and have been loved in return.  I will miss this – – the strangers who have become my friends.

With great appreciation, I say farewell.  Peace.


We will pull out of the driveway of 1806 Old Town Rd for the last time on the morning of September 21st – my 54th birthday.  We will leave behind so many wonderful moments – everything and I mean everything aligned in such a magical way for this experience to unfold.

So now, we look forward to the new journey, the next turn on the road, the next valley, the next plateau.  Many great things await us and we are both very excited – even though I write this with tears in my eyes.

I am paying attention!

I really would like to share a few pictures….please enjoy them – we really enjoyed being there for each moment!


Gotta read these horoscopes

The horoscopes in the Alibi (ABQ’s version of Citybeat) have been uncanny. This week the horoscopes were so on for us we had to share. Steve is a Virgo and Rob is a Capricorn. Make sure you check out your own. Reading through these we thought of so many of you. Please—–read the Aquarian one even if you are not one. Lick, Lick……..   Hi Lis, hi Maureen, David O, etc

The Tchaikovsky reference for Leo sealed the deal that we had to share— Hi Melissa–

Gemini–love it– hi Greg and Carol

Horoscopes for this week——

Should We Stay…Or, Should we Go? (Home)


Should We Stay or Should We Go? (Home)

New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment—the locals here in Albuquerque call it the Land of Entrapment. It seems to be true. We have really fallen in love with this place. Maybe it’s becasue we are on such a once in a lifetime adventure. Or maybe it’s the incredible sunsets over the Sandia Mountains or the temperate weather—-or the anything goes attitude of the people here—- or maybe its all of it combined.

During our last yoga class at Fitnext our friend/student Nancy said she loved New Mexico and thought it was the most beautiful of the states. I remember thinking— it’s mostly desert. How can that be so beautiful. Well Nancy— you are right and it is getting harder and harder to think about leaving.

The whole thing seems a bit surreal. The fact  graduation is only  three weeks from today is incredible. It flew by. Our massage class is called 36 Hands. We have a group facebook page where we communicate with each other. We put up pictures, remind each other about homework, bitch and send love notes. It is an unbelievable group of shining individuals. I realized the other day that one of the reasons we could not come to school here 12 years ago when we first thought about coming to NMSNT was because some of our classmates where still in grade school. 🙂  And we just couldn’t do this without them. It is a very inspiring group of individuals. We all made big life changes to be here. We all jumped off the edge and landed in a classroom in Albuquerque together. There have been a few tense moments between us but we are together 8 hours a day, five days a week and then many hours in clinic. But truly, it is a love fest that I am savoring. I would love to tell you about each one of them and their stories but we have two papers due and a test on Monday in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM now that is trippy—-but it is so cool. I digress—surprised?

So graduation is August 31 and I (Rob) am going to MC the festivities. I am not good with goodbyes or finality so I predict a deluge. Oh well what’s one more emotional release at Magic School.

Speaking of magic school— Steve and I have been kidding that we feel like Native Medicine Men in some of  our treatments. We can do a regular spa treatment/massage but when the client or their body calls out for energy work you really never know what is going to happen. Are you intrigued? I hope just a little. We have learned so much and so many modalities that we are full to the brim with ideas and treatment techniques. Did I mention I took the colon therapy training? Colonics anyone? They really are good for you. But that is another blog or maybe even a conversation. It is all so exciting!!!

We have tried to add a little fun to our projects. So for our Anatomy Muscle project we decided to present the material in a style reminicient of Sordid Lives—check us out. Vogue anyone? Our classmate Jackie is a gem and such a good sport. Bless her heart.

So even though I am not going to elaborate their individual stories I would like to list their names here in the blog since they are such an intrical part of this experience.

We love you Katie, Molly, Kat, Kelsey, Katherine, Kaitlin, Emily, Chris, Shawn, Roman, Jackie, Lisa, Julie, Erin, Julian, Miriam


Rob and Steve

Where in the Hell have we been?

It has been a month since we checked in. We changed houses. The new adobe is really cute and has a dishwasher and washer/dryer. The simple things of life. We are well into the second semester of the course. It has a different feel to it. We LOVE it, don’t get me wrong but some of our classmates are burnt out and ready to move on. Many of us, however, know how special this time is. How often in your adult life do you get the opportunity to feed your brain and soul on a daily basis? Hey everyone, we need more of this—all of us. Then our class, which we now call, 36 hands is a love fest in many ways. Releasing your emotions and dealing with your issues isn’t just OK, it’s encouraged. I did not have to be invited twice. I am letting go and it feels GREAT! I know most of you would be surprised to hear that I am emotional and vulnerable. Well believe it. We all are on some level. Right? You did not just hear (read) insecurity in that statment. It can’t be. I am taking a Bach Remedy to help with my insecurities. Bach Remedies–wow you guys– the soul essence of the flowers around us are here to help us heal.

In the Bach or Stevens flower remedies classes I hear how these essences can assist our personal healing. Besides realizing how they can help me, I think of so many of you-Carol, David W, Greg, Lisa, Nancy B, Eileen, Kathy and Tom, Dave, Steve D, Suzzanne, Maureen, Samantha, Sherry Joy, Joe, Mark, Shelia, Stephen, Jeremy,  Sean, Jamie, Ramez——–

Sometimes I include your names in my actual class notes so we can talk about this when this part of the journey comes to a close.

And then there is the herb class. Bernadette is an angel with a special talent with plants. ” The plants are food yes, but they are also our Medicine.” Yes they are Bernadette. Monday Steve, Julie and I are giving a presentation on ROSES. We are going to share their history, the meaning of their color and how they are our medicine. We are going to share the tinctures,  the flower infused oils and vinegars, a rose tea, essential oil AND a rose infused white wine. That is how next week begins……..see what I mean. I am loving this.

So while I am wide awake on Cloud 9, I hand the keyboard to Steve.







This is a time that is FULL, as Rob has stated…yes it is!   Full of the beauty of the New Mexico landscape, the humming Birds, the Rio Grande, Hot Spings, Mud Baths, dinner under the stars, thunder and lighten that is miles away, Sushi Tacos and full of spirit, of tinctures and herbs, of massage and more massages….yes, this time is full.

When we last left you, we had just returned from the Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences.   And since, we have been back to Cincinnati for a family wedding (major congrats to Margie and Carl – Love ya!),  we’ve met Colette and Tori in Santa Fe, we’ve given a presentation in our A&P class – when I get the viedo together we’ll share it with you – we’ve been to the Pride Celebration here in ABQ and just this past week we drove north up through Espanola, Taos, Ojo Caliente and Carson, NM.  Did you know there’s a Kit Carson Home and Museum in Taos?    How spectacular!





























And, you may ask, how are you doing with the program?  Well, just today I gave my 70th massage.  I’ve had men, woman, young, old, skinny, fat, sweet, tired, beat up, beautiful people, all who are just looking for someone to touch them and really pay attention to them!  We all crave it and as each one of these people lay in front of me under a thin sheet, I honor them, treat them as a sacred being, send them love and rub ’em real hard.  THEY LOVE IT.

Pecae and Love to all!



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